Getting slider value of sliders

Hi guys,

Is there way for a "Run Apple Script and Show Return Value"-widget to get and return the value of the built-in brightness and volume sliders?

I would like to create a widget that returns the value of these sliders in percentage - (sliderValue & "%")-ish - so I can see how much the brightness and volume is turned up in percentage.
An example just using text and a slider is shown in the picture:


Is this possible, and if so, how? (I don't know much about programming and all that - pretty much only know the basics of Apple Script.)

Thank you.

You could try save the slider value into a BTT variable, then on the seperate text widget you can get the BTT variable and return it?

I Haven't tried but I see it working!

Ahh, thank you @yuuiko !
I haven't thought of saving it as a BTT variable, but it works like a charm!

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