Getting Additional Actions to Fire


Long time BTT user. Probably my most used app! I hadn't tried additional actions yet and now that I'm giving it a run I'm trying and trying and trying.... Any help appreciated.

What I'm trying to do: Open the, create a new note and float that note. Notes is weird b/c it actually has two float commands 1. "Float Selected Note" which mean's separate it into it's own window. and 2. Float on Top, I"m trying to do both. I'm getting the first two things to work, but the float is not happening. I think it might have to do with selecting the note, but when I try the action independently it looks like it's selected just fine. I've tried to delay the action, but it's not helping. Any suggestions very much appreciate.Here's where I left it.



P.S.I miss afloat, which made all this very simple.

To be honest I didn't handle similar situation in my case. I mean, I couldn't really do it from the BTT UI due to the way that delay next action works (I'm not sure if thats a quirk, bug or what) but they're not really executed synchronously as it'd appear. This was one of the reasons I created (wrapper over BTT built in webserver API) - and it is surely possible with such tool, but it requires you "some hacking" and is JavaScript dependant.

Perhaps Andreas will be able to help, from what I know until delay next action behaviour changes this won't be easly achievable :confused:

  1. Damn those are very long delays. I think 0.5s delays or even 0.3s would work (you might need a longer delay after you ‘open notes’ action, but when it’s open you can probably do 0.5)

  2. try using the ‘trigger menubar item’ instead of keyboard shortcuts. That action has a way to tell it to find a menubar item and if it’s not there, hit the different equivelent instead.

Thanks for giving me feedback on delays. Wasn't sure. Kept extending them then left them in for screenshot. Good to know this probably a fool's errand:)

I had not seen the menu bar item trigger. Thanks! Still can't get the float part to work even though it works manually. I used "Window;Float Selected Note" Looks right but no luck...Arggh.

Unfortunately the menubar item names take a while until they become available.
It's much faster (no delay needed) when using the position of the items to access them.

This is working fine here (when running Mojave, on older macOS the numbers begin counting at the app name item, not at the apple item:

In general the BTT actions are always executed synchronous, however apps may behave differently to keyboard shrotcuts and the like.

Hmm, sorry If I caused any confusion then. I just remembered that I had similar issues in the past and wanted to share :wink:

yep, there definitely was an issue in a few versions (I think it's fixed though)

I appreciate all the help. For some reason, it's not working for me in I've truncated it for now, trying to merely Open, Create a new note, then (from menubar...) Float Selected Note. Several tries. Am I doing something wrong?


have you tried exactly like in my screenshot? I tested that with Notes on mojave.

Got it working stably, right through to the Float on Top.

Hey Andreas,

Didn't realize that you had tried the exact setup b/c I didn't think then menus lined up. Now I realize they did... Sorry.

I have copied the setup now. It works if I repeat the gesture. Should that be necessary or should it be automated after the first triggering?