gestures no longer working on 1 of my 3 macs

snapping still works fine. but all gestures stopped working a week or so back. i use the same config profile on 3 macs and 2 still work fine. all macs running latest 10.15.5. all running same latest version of btt. i've made zero changes to my btt config in years.

i've rebooted the mac. i've deleted the app and all associated files etc. i'm at a loss of what else to try at this point. thoughts?

anyone have any suggestions?

Is BTT maybe disabled on that machine for some reason? (click menubar icon to see the status)

Which version of BTT are you running? Is your license activated on that machine?

lifetime license is active yes. also, window snapping works. so, this tells me part of BTT is working.

does the live view in BTT show your touches? (menubar ->view -> live view)

never knew about that tool. and yes it does show my movements including gestures. i'm perplexed.

could you go to help-> export diagnostic debug information and send the resulting files to

I’ll have a look then (tomorrow)

done. thanks!

The logs seem to say, that this machine is running on macOS Big Sur ( 11.0) beta. I'm still in the process of testing BTT's full Big Sur compatibility.

However apart from that everything seems to look good, the logs also don't show anything weird.

One thing to note: For the pinch and rotate gestures to work, the pinch and rotate gestures must be enabled in System Preferences => Trackpad => Scroll & Zoom. Maybe check whether they are enabled there.

good grief. it was simply that in system preferences pinch and somehow become unchecked. i was so locked into it being a btt side issue i didn't realize anything else in mac os could be wrong/disabled.

appreciate the guidance.