Gesture to quit app hovered over in dock

Hey guys,

my set up's language is german, but I think this will do.

I want to set up a 4 finger click when hovering over an opened app's icon in the dock in order to 1. perform a right click on hovered app's icon; 2. click "Quit".

I tried it by a choosing "activate context menu" and typing "Quit" / "Quit;" (tried both). I tried without any further conditions as well as "Only trigger when mouse over dock" and my gesture gets recognised (vibration feedback works) but only to perform a right click on the app's icon...

Any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

you could combine the „activate hovered app in dock“ action with a cmd+q shortcut


Andreas, you're awesome! I would've never tried this. It works like intended, thanks a lot! :smiling_face:

Could you show how the routine ended up? I can't quite seem to make it happen.

nowadays you can just use the “quit app under cursor” action :slight_smile: