Gesture for resting palm on touchpad

Hi, I've been using BTT for years, and along with Karabiner Elements, is one of the first pieces of software I install on any new mac.

I was wondering if it were possible to add a gesture that recognizes when your palm is resting on the touchpad. I've found that the touchpad on macbooks is large enough to essentially treat this action as an additional key.

The inspiration from this is from the Keyboardio Model01/100 keyboard, which has a palm key that acts as a modifier to switch to a new "layer" of keys.

I have a fork of Karabiner-Elements I've created that mimics this kind of functionality, essentially adding a set of new properties (is palm down on left/right/top/bottom of the touchpad) that can be keyed on if the area of the detected palm is over a certain threshold. It's a bit buggy, I never managed to get haptics working, and I doubt it'll ever be merged into the main branch, but I think this could be implemented in BTT as a gesture, which would make it possible to configure different behavior per-application more easily

This one?

I don't believe that's the same as what I'm looking for. I just tried adding that gesture, and I'm actually not really sure how to trigger it.

I don't know either.. But apparently you either need an Extra Finger or Place the Whole Hand on the trackpad :person_shrugging: though my hand is a bit to big to fit all the way on the trackpad.