Generating INSERT key

I'm trying to get BTT to generate an INSERT key so that I can use that while remoting into Windows machines.

  • If I use an external keyboard with a physical INSERT key on it, I'm able to use it properly when remoting to Windows machines
  • If I try to record this key in BTT, BTT shows a "?" as the key it has recorded, and using it doesn't work when remoting to Windows machines
  • If I use the MacBook keyboard equivalent of INSERT (which is fn-RETURN), BTT dutifully records it as "fn-RETURN". Unfortunately, this doesn't get sent across correctly to the Windows machine, so it's ignored

Ideally, INSERT would show up as an option in BTT under the "Keyboard Keys" actions section.

Has anyone figured out a way to make this work?


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I am into the same situation. I need to generate the INSERT key using a shortcut on my keyboard.

Please add the INSERT trigger option into the "Keyboard Keys". Thank you.

P.S. I am using a MacBookPro and an external BT keyboard and none of this keyboards have a dedicated INSERT button, so I need an alternative.

Need this too.

I was looking for the longest time. I think with the new updates BTT and Citrix update, you can now select the menu option "insert". I created category under Citrix Viewer, and i followed this path :

Touch Bar Button ≥ Add action ≥ Controlling Other Application ≥ Trigger Menubar Menu Item ≥ Enter command path to trigger menubar menu item :

Devices;Keyboard;Send Key;Insert