Fully disable macbook touch bar (For saving battery)

Dear all,

is there is any way (custom preset) where I can fully disable my MacBook touch bar? So I can save more battery when I'm outside with no possibility to recharge it again.

Thanks in advance for answering my inquiry.


I'm not an expert, but creating a full black widget should be the best that you can do (since this is OLED screen it should help for the battery)

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Thank you for your response @oliviermattelaer
Do you know a fast way to do that? like a ready custom preset?

not as simple as a custom preset.
But I would personnally create a touchbar group.
setting inside only one button with fix-size width (and as text only a space)
and assigned the back color as background.

Then you only need to assign one keyboard trigger to open/close that touchbar group

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Okee, it all set. Thank you dear.
I do have another question; Can I change to this new profile I made for the blank touch bar within a keyboard shortcuts that I can set? So I won't need to go to btt every time and disable other profiles.
And after I have done that, I can still view some of the programs touch bar functions such as chrome (Because I set chrome in the white list so it won't effect), but can I also create a flow where when I start the blank touch bar profile, it includes every program even if it was set before in the white list?

I'm not sure to understand your question.

Can I change to this new profile I made for the blank touch bar within a keyboard shortcuts that I can set?

Yes you can add a keyboard shortcut and assign to it the action "open touchbar group". to deactivate, I would just assigned an action to the button "close open touchbar "

It works that when only the new preset (Blank) is working, within a click, I get back to the main preset with functions. But I can't choose all the way around.
So I can't set that when clicking, hide the full function preset and move to the blank preset. Also, BTT has a problem with functioning. See the attached video.

However, your suggestion works, but I'm still working on setting it all within one click to switch.

Thank you dear!

You need to create a bug report.

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One last question :slight_smile:

As you can see in the video, there is some apps that I don't want the btt to function with. So I disable btt from integrating with them.
My question is, can I set the disable only for preset?
So what I want to do is; When I'm on the general preset, for example chrome shows it owns touch bar. but when I change to battery save preset, I want that all apps goes under the (blank touch bar).

So is there is any detailed setting where I can set this?