Full sized keyboard: normal enter key makes a circle?

Stock settings. NO issues on my macbook but on an external keyboard, only the enter key in the number pad works. Im not entirely sure what the glowing circle does either, lol. ANyways, great preset...joy to use.

This doesn’t sound related to GC, haha. GC doesn’t affect how your keyboard works so it wouldn’t cause your keyboard to stop working.

Have you done any other customizations with BTT, or have installed any other apps that affect keyboards, or straight up tried with another external keyboard to make sure that one isn’t busted?

No... Keyboard works fine, on other computers... if I don't turn on BTT, etc, it's not the conflicting factor. BTT works fine. Using the preset, this happens.

Wiping, updating doesn't change that. I've not tinkered with any settings after applying GC. But It's bothersome not being able to use the primary enter key; only the one at the far end numpad will woprk without triggering whatever event this is.

Thank you

will check this..

Let me try to follow the method you told me to follow. / Thank you.

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