Full Screen Zooming without modifier key

I'm using the option key plus a two-finger scrolling gesture to do full-screen zooming in and out, no matter what is on the screen or where the cursor is located. My question is, can a three-finger scroll gesture without a modifier key achieve the same full-screen zoom?

you can use this system setting:

Thanks for the speedy reply!!

Yes I thought that was the case, and here's my ridiculous ultra-niche request. That I be able to accomplish this zooming without the double tap or modifier key. Why? Two reasons.

  1. My fingertips are really sensitive so I avoid typing and tapping as much as I reasonably can.
  2. My old eyes like zooming the screen a lot so I'm doing it so many times that it's almost a constant part of using a screen. So why not just change the screen resolution so everything is bigger all the time? Well, there's the trade off of bigger text requiring a LOT more scrolling plus not being able to see windows side by side to compare and drag and drop and have the context of the entire work space in sight. My compromise is to compensate having more space smaller text by zooming.

Now that I'm fully up on my soap box, I'll end with a big ol' fat should by saying (now that it impacts me) that this zooming function is pretty important at least to the degree that it should have a dedicated scrolling gesture not requiring ANY extras like modifiers or tapping to evoke.

Whew, thanks for the space to get that off my chest :wink:.