Frozen scrolling in new Safari Tab

When I open a link in either a new tab or new window with Better Touch Tool running, the new page does not fully load and cannot be scrolled.


  • Software/OS: Safari 17.5, MacOS 12.7.5
  • Happens with BTT shortcut & Safari default (CMD+Click)
  • Only observed with BTT running
  • Happens around 50% of time (have not been able to ID exact conditions/trigger)
  • Scrolling & page interaction not possible
  • Page refresh does not resolve
  • Scrolls still registered in background. Refreshed page reflects previous inputs.
  • CMD+L followed by 'Enter' does resolve

Any browser extensions that could interfere? (I haven't heard of issues with Safari and am using that myself, so it's unlikely this is happening just due to BTT)

The only extension I use is AdBlock Pro, which I have just disabled. Has not changed the behaviour.

I also know that the two have worked alongside each other in the past, but am aware that updates can sometimes cause issues.