frequently getting "!! Better Touch Tool is Disabled !!!"

Not sure why, sometimes it's been disabled and sometimes not. Not sure if i'm doing something wrong?

Ever since I upgraded to the M2 (from Intel) I've been having this issue as well! I will be using BTT fine, then close my computer for a while, or sign out. When I come back, BTT is disabled, no clue why it keeps getting disabled, but it's extremely disorienting to try and use a shortcut and have something else happen.

M2, sign out and sign back in.

If you run into this without having a trigger configured that might disable your BTT - and you are sure your license is still valid for the version you are running - please go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Info and send the result to

Just sent over my debug files. And yes, I have a lifetime license so I believe it is still valid! Though perhaps my multi-user accounts is causing something weird to happen?

I know you mentioned the APIs conflicting across user accounts. But is there a way to disable the inactive user's BTT rather than the active one?

I notice that when I initially user switch, BTT works fine. But a ~1minute later, it disables. I'd really like fix this, either via script, or update to BTT. Any ideas on a temp fix that I could try even?

I thought I could live with it, but it's starting to wear me down more than I'd like to admit :sweat_smile: