Four and three finger swipes interfering with eachother

I have set up an actions for three finger swipes (left and right), however when i use the systems four finger swipes, it triggeres the btt custom one. How can i set btt to trigger on three finger but not on four finger?

---Important note ---
I have seen multiple questions asking about btt swipes triggering the system ones, and how to prevent that.This is not the same, it's the opposite. using the system 4 figer swpe is triggering the btt 3 finger swipe

most likely you are still touching with four fingers slightly. You can use the BetterTouchTool live view to verify (BTT menu, View => Show Liveview)

I'm actively trying to use 4 fingers, and it is switching screens correctly. however when I'm doing this, it is also triggering the three finger swipe (switches browser tab) which I don't want to do.

swiping with three fingers by itself works perfectly and as expected

The three finger swipe in BTT only triggers if the systems reports exactly 3 fingers touching the trackpad.
So maybe you are releasing the fourth finger at some point but continue swiping?

I'd recommend to check via live view, that often helps.

In general BTT does not know anything about the system gestures, thus unfortunately the only way to make everything work in combination is to disable the system gestures.

ah, yeah that's it. my pink was hitting the edge of touchpad and turned it into a 3 finger swipe effectively, thanks for helping!

I'll try and remember that and avoid lifting pinky, but are there any settings that could help minimise this happening accidentally in some way?

You could configure a four finger swipe in BTT that does nothing but disables the internal gesture recognition for a moment. Maybe that can help because then BTT would stop trying to recognize 3 finger swipes if a four finger swipe is detected

hmm, it doesn't seem to be disabling the gesture recognition. even when i set it to something like 5 seconds, still goes through.

It's not a major issue, if it's going to be complex to deal with i can just learn to avoid lifting the fourth finger and deal with the occasional tab switch. Thanks for helping so quickly