Forward Delete action deleting one "2" many characters lol

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Where/what else can I check?

My remapped "shift + delete" keyboard shortcut to "forward delete" worked perfectly fine in a previous BTT version earlier this year, and started glitching in the last 2-3 months with one of the updates.

I've tried different variations of all the combinations below, but it's still deleting 2 characters instead of 1 :face_with_spiral_eyes:

  1. Trigger = Keyboard shortcuts
  2. Trigger = Key sequences
  3. Action = "Forward Delete"
  4. Action = "Send 'fn + delete' keyboard shortcut"

Demo video:

I just checked, but that seems to work fine here. Is this maybe coming from some other app? (What happens if you press shift+backspace while BTT is quit?)

I just tried that, and it functions like the normal 'backspace' key :confused:

Here are some additional screenshots, if it helps. Thanks, Andreas!