For "Pin/Unpin Focussed Window to Float on Top" option, how to float over full screens ?

I used "Pin/Unpin Focused Window to Float on Top" option, with a keyboard shortcut and tried on an app to make it float over Desktop/all-full-screens.
I did as per video here:
This option do not have "Join full screen spaces" - the solution for my 1st question. How to achieve?

  1. In Desktop, if an app is made to float, through keyboard shortcut BTT, it is floating only over the desktop and not floating over full screen windows (which we get by scrolling towards the right). How to make the app float even over full-screen-windows?
    {most needed solution}

  2. Thanks for not making the entire related windows to get floated. I can able to float just 1 chrome window i want, rest of other chrome windows are unaffected. {Cool as expected, thanks.}. {But, still it need 1st Quest fix for this to make it float over full-screen apps.}

  3. Problem arises when I try to "float a full-screen-window of any app":
    -- stays floated on its own full-screen-window area. (eg: over 3rd screen, if this was on 3rd screen out of 7screens+Desktop). Yes, there will be a new window (a slightly smaller one & over it) of the same window (duplicated). But only the newly formed floating-app becomes viewable or even editable/accessible.
    -- doesn't float over other full-screen-windows (like 1st Quest) or "even over the Desktop". {only on source screen, it is working}

  4. when there are 2 items being floated, 1 gets superiority over the other (in no particular order). superiority meaning: can't view the other fully (if their window size overlaps), so can't edit/access the unviewable part in that overlapped area. ie; can not actually float the less superior over the more. [of course can resize to not overlap and can see/access fully.]

  • 2 apps can be through BTT or 1 through BT & 1 PIP chrome-extension.
  1. in full-screen-chrome window. now, i split a chrome tab (becomes another full-screen-window) from parent-full-screen-chrome-window,
    5.a. now i bring this child-window back to Desktop (by minimizing). And make this window to float. Works as expected. {Still need 1st Quest fix.}
    5.b. without taking child-window to Desktop, now both windows are in same full-screen 1 over other, and i touch this child-window & make it float
    • both the child & parent windows get floated. :confused: {should pick only the 1 which user touched, not both}
    • that too they are floating "only over that screen" (eg: 3rd full-screen out of 7screens & Desktop) and not even over Desktop!
    • further now BTT becomes more buggy:
      5.b.1. "old-floated-desktop apps (if made float before all of this, through BTT) are not floating anymore", but if newly made another desktop-app to float after all this, it alone acts correctly.
      5.b.2. couldn't "unpin/unfloat" both child & parent windows (the full-screen ones) or "even the newly floated-desktop app". So I have to quit BTT app.

My need: I want any macos app or a chrome tab to get floated across my desktop and all full-screen-windows. Just like PiP chrome extension by Google.
Info: PiP chrome extension or some good apps that has in-built float - "work smoothly":

  • across full-screen-windows & Desktop {1,2,5}
  • no matter where its source (a chrome-window) from Desktop or full-screens {3}
  • interference/superiority despite overlapping other floating ones {4}
    So all these 5 are of BTT and can be fixable.