Font Size setting in (New Preferences Experimental Beta)

Not sure if this the place to add bugs for the New UI.

Need to change this to a simple text box entry, the slider is impossible to use and adjust to standard font size. 14.67px? How about 15px or 14px. LOL

Ah, you can click on the text and enter a value :slight_smile:
But maybe I should just make it into a steppable textfield!

Might just be Mojave, but clicking on text field often deletes number or will only allow me to carefully delete the second digit and replace, if I delete the entire number it resets to 1 and I’m unable to change it without using the slider. The field is a mess in the latest OS. Then I’m stuck with messing around with a don’t and .02 decimal places? Text field with arrow keys bro! Sliders are never good for getting an exact number, leave them for brightness and volume controls where they belong.