Focus Mode and Connected BT device triggers

Adding a focus mode trigger would enhance BTT.

Also, I couldn't find a trigger for connected devices. Although I did find a proximity setting for Bluetooth devices, nothing about "when bluetooth device is connected" or "when monitor connected" trigger.

Application example:
Adjust volume when AirPods are connected, a different volume setting could be set for a Bluetooth speaker,...

This is a screenshot from Shortery (A Mac app on the AppStore that Allows you to trigger Shortcuts on your Mac based on the triggers shown in the image)
Every trigger gives multiple options.

Some of these triggers can be really useful!

Thank you for this amazing App !

Totally agree with you about focus mode trigger. I already asked that in the past. There was no feedback on my topic. I also use Shortery app that allows running shortcuts on focus mode change. But it is paid and actually focus mode trigger is only one feature for me that Shortery can do against BTT. I did not even know that BTT did not have a trigger on Bluetooth connection. Any news about MacOS Sonoma? Maybe it delivers automations.

Nothing so Far about Native automation solutions on MacOS.