Focus delay on Messages when BTT is on in Sonoma

I've not noticed this before, but usually when I click anywhere in a window in Messages and start typing, it automatically focuses the input field and the typing works flawlessly

Now, I've noticed that when BTT is on, a lot of the time, the first couple characters I type get delayed before the input field focuses itself. I've tried booting into Safe Mode, and BTT does seem to be the culprit

I don't have any fancy features turned on other than window snapping and some shortcuts to modify the size of a window. I don't have any of the experimental backup features enabled. BTT doesn't even look like it's using much CPU

I even tried switching to BetterSnapTool, but the problem remains. If neither application is open, typing in the input field works just fine. I've even tried selectively disabling BTT for the Messages app alone, but that doesn't seem to solve the problem. It seems to have something to do with BTT being open at all.

Is anyone else having this issue with Sonoma?

FWIW I have a brand new M3 Max MBP with 48GB of RAM, so definitely not an issue with the machine AFAIK

do you have any other apps installed that modify input events (mouse, keyboard etc.)? Could be some sort of conflict.

I'd also make sure that no process is using a lot (>= 100% CPU) via Activity Monitor (if that happens the system might not be able to process the events fast enough through BTT),

I have not heard about or experienced such issues with messages, so I guess it's something pretty specific, but this stuff is hard to debug ;-(
Does similar happen with any other app?

As far as I know, I don't have anything else running that is modifying input events. Like I said, I tried booting into Safe Mode, and I only had a couple apps open, but then once I opened BTT, the problems started again

I'm noticing it on Messages mostly because that's the primary app that I use for chat. I'll see if I'm noticing it anywhere else

I've been monitoring Activity Monitor and haven't noticed a 100% CPU spike when this issue has happened

How easy is it to reproduce on your machine? Does it happen everytime or just sometimes?
(just tried to reproduce on my two main machines, but haven't been able to yet)