Focus and cycle windows

I don't believe this feature exists. If it does, I think this topic should be a question instead.

I assign hotkeys to start or focus specific applications. For instance, one of my hotkeys does Launch Application --> Google Chrome.

If Chrome isn't running, BTT runs it.
If Chrome IS running, all Chrome windows will come to focus (I think the OS does this).

I'm looking for something slightly different. Take the following scenario:

  1. I have 3 Chrome windows open; all on different monitors.
  2. I start moving around to different applications...
  3. ... I end up with Slack on left monitor, Sublime Text on middle; the terminal on right.
  4. I press Chrome hotkey.

Current outcome:

  • All 3 chrome windows on all 3 monitors go to front, blocking the terminal and Sublime Text.
  • I then press the terminal hotkey...
  • ... then Sublime's hotkey.
  • Now I get the desired end result: Chrome, Sublime and the terminal on the monitors.

Desired outcome:

  • Only the last chrome window I used goes to front (i.e. on top of the Chrome window list; the one that would focus if you Command+Tabbed to it.).
  • If that monitor was the left one, I get that desired end result: Chrome, Sublime, and the terminal on the monitors.
  • I press Chrome hotkey again, it does the equivalent of Command+{BackTick}, showing the next Chrome window in the list).

Is this kind of thing already possible? If not, I think it would be a great addition.

Thanks for your time.