Floating WebView Netflix and Youtube

Hi BTT community could someone please guide me on how I would try to implement the floating webview for websites that require sign in. For example on Netflix, I have had success running it, however, it seems every time BTT is relaunched I need to sign back into my Netflix account. Is there a way to save passwords???

which version of BTT are you on? In general the webview should behave the same as a normal browser and shouls keep you signed in (unless the website prevents this)

I am currently on v4.479. I thought it would would save but it doesn't seem to. My system default browser is Arc. It doesn't seem to keep signed into youtube or netflix if I quit and relaunch BTT.

Mh I just tried with netflix (default config, just changed the size of the webview and the url) and it seems to persist fine here after BTT restart.

Which version of macOS are you on?

I am on 14.4.1 (23E224). I changed my default browser to Safari then tried signing in, quit relaunched and it seems to work. I now set my default back to Arc, and checked with a relaunch the issue seems to be fixed. I also gave BTT full disk access, which could have been the issue. It seems to be working just fine now.

Thank you.

very interesting!

Hi Andreas, just another query are default commands meant to work with web view? like cmd + r to refresh?

Never mind it seems like after a couple quits or restarts, the browser doesn't seem to remember, it might be due to default system browser?

Update: Seems like every time I close the webview window with the x in the titlebar and open chatgpt, youtube or netflix, it forces me to sign in again. Also seems like the minimise tool for the titlebar in webview is buggy and doesn't always close. So maybe it has something to do with titlebar instead?