Floating webview in menu doesn't close when hiding

I have a floating menu that has a webview button displaying a stream from a camera via frigate/go2rtc.

The use case is when I get a notification that someone is on the driveway i can trigger the menu to display and then see who it is.

When I close the menu and then reopen it again, I can scrub back through the controls for however long it has been since i first opened it (in one case I had 57 hours of footage I could scrub through!)

I do have "keep active in background" not ticked, but it is clearly keeping it active in the background :slight_smile: perhaps the wiring is not linking the frontend ui to the backend magic

Before floating menus I used floating webview to do a similar thing, that does clear itself each time you open/close it.

Does that make enough sense to see if you can reproduce? or do you need more info?