Floating View not opening Links in gmail.com

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg, I'm trying to login to perplexity.ai within BTT's floating UI. It sends me an email to so it can authenticate my session. I tried opening the email via my Gmail floating view but when I click on the "Sign In" button, it does nothing.

Can you please help out?

google floating view
exported_triggers.bttpreset (21.4 KB)

this is probably trying to open a new window or something like that, which the floating webviews can't do. Is it always necessary to sign in via e-mail with perplexity? (I think there have been a few users here that used perplexity with the floating menus, but I don't know how they did it)

I think the sign in might be a onetime (or when session expires) thing. Is there a way to create a small browser like view via btt so i can copy/paste this button URL from my actual browser and paste it in a text box in btt floating view that navigates to this URL creating the session.

you could right-click the webview and choose "inspect element", then go to the console tab of the inspector and enter window.location = "the url you want to go to";

I'll try myself to login soon!

This strategy seems to have worked! Thank you so much!

In general, I was wondering if I could make a floating view where I put in the URL and it opens that page. Use case: sometimes I want a quick floating webview for 1-2 days, but don't want it later. Right now I have to create a new floating view within BTT but having this browser-like floating view would solve my problem.

Also @Andreas_Hegenberg , did you secretly add this new feature to floating views?

We had discussed about focusing on field here but this makes all of that unnecessary lol. Superb. You are the master, sir! :smile: