Floating Netflix Player

This is a simple Shortcut that loads Netflix in a floating web view. It even works while in full-screen mode apps. You can drag the window while holding CMD.


Floating Netflix.shortcut (21.8 KB)

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awesome :-)) but : How do I close the window? So far I have to kill BTT to kill the window :frowning:

run the shortcut again :wink:

ok, works :-)) thanks

It seems to work for Netflix, but not for every other sites (e.g. Zattoo). The window closes, but the sound continues. Apparently, when the action is called again, it is not completely removed from memory and only a BTT restart helps.

@Dirk, if you don't need the background feature, check this box (it can be helpful to keep it alive in the background, e.g. for music )

@Andreas_Hegenberg : Unfortunately, this makes no difference (by Zattoo). I had only copied your shortcut and changed the url. The behavior indicates that something could possibly remain in the memory - depending on the website.

you are right, this is a bug. I'll push a little update to fix this in a few minutes on the alpha channel.

No hurry! It was only meant as a hint for you. :wink:

alpha channel??

But I already put it on the normal update channel as well when manually checking for updates.

you are the man

I tried this with another website and can't get through the login procedure because it tells me that my browser is blocking cookies. Is there a way around this?

Can you tell which website it is? Then I can have a look. In general it should support cookies fine

TSN.ca - specifically logging in via a provider.

Cookies themselves work, but some (Browser-) functions seem not to be supported in WKWebView or have to be implemented explicitly. For example, some channels do not work with Zattoo (probably DRM). The latter I did not even get to run under Swift or native Object-C.

Ah I just noticed WKWebView blocks third party cookies by default. I'm implementing a workaround, then it should work with TSN.ca at least. But you are right, especially DRM related stuff might not work correctly, but I have not seen many things that fail so far.

Actually this seems to be a choice Apple made and it seems WKWebView blocks all attempts to workaround third party cookies. This also fails in the current Safari version by default, so I think this is a issue TSN should fix but they don't seem to be interested in this. Instead they provide bad workarounds here: TSN.CA HELP SECTION - LOGIN - TSN.ca (which do not for webviews)

Ok, thanks for looking into it!

That's a nice idea for a shortcut in combination with the new Notch Bar / Menu Action Bar:

When I try it out with Netflix though, the movie plays and I can hear the sound, but the screen is black.