Floating Menus - On Hover End problem

BTT version 4.570, MacBook Pro 16 M1 Max, macOS Sonoma 14.3.1

I'm developing a floating menu that gets opened on the cursor position via a three finger click on the trackpad and hides if the cursor moves outside the menu area or an item gets clicked or hovered on.

I have one standard item that triggers on hover, the current menu gets hidden and a new menu gets opened.
I have a standard item that triggers on click, but does nothing.
The new menu also hides if an item gets clicked or the cursor moves outside the menu area.

I'm not using the sub-menu feature. These are two independent menus named Main and Desktops.

The problem is that when using the menu a second time the menu shows and hides immediately. Then when trying again it works normally, but the second menu shows and hides immediately if I used it previously. This is also not completely consistent, but I have no data on why.

It almost seems like Actions Executed On Hover End get cached somehow and trigger when the menu gets shown again, or something to that effect.

I'm using:
Trackpad - Actions Executed On Trigger

  • Show Floating Menu: Main

Floating Menu - Action Executed on Hover End

  • Hide Floating Menu: (name of the current menu)

Menu Item - Action Executed on Hover Start

  • Hide Floating Menu: Main
  • Show Floating Menu: Desktops

I have the "Visibility Toggled Via Action", "Close When Clicking Outside" and "Close After Button Press" selected.

Also, the second menu does not always close on hover end, I can sometimes move the cursor out of the menu without it closing.

I hope here's everything that is relevant to the problem.

I had a similar issue (menu does not close "on hover end")...the below might help you further:

when my menu opened at the current cursor position, the cursor itself was not (always) inside the menu but a the top left corner of the menu.

So it happens sometimes when moving the cursor away it was never "inside" the menu, and that probably means the "hover end" event will not be triggered ( ...and the menu will stay open ).

to fix this I have added an action to move the cursor just slightly (into the menu) after the menu opens like so:


Thanks, but I have the menus configured to open centered on the mouse cursor. The idea is to have maximum amount of functionality with as few actions or little movement as possible.

Interesting & cool idea for a floating menu setup! I tried to create a similar one but it seems to work fine here.

Maybe you can export your preset and post it here or send it to andreas@folivora.ai, then I can check!

Possibly try using the menu's UUID instead of the name.

This video shows how I understood your setup :


I sent you my preset via email.

Yes, that is exactly what I'm trying to achieve. I tried to change the menu names to UUIDs but it didn't help. I'll probably change them back so that debugging is easier, but the uploaded preset is using the UUIDs.

I tried your preset, but it seems to work fine here. Could it be an issue with macOS 14.3.1 ? (I'm on 14.5, maybe worth trying to upgrade)

Thank you! And sorry for the delay, life got in the way. I'm on a production environment and updating the OS is non-trivial. I hope to get it done later today or tomorrow and report back!


I have now updated to Sonoma 14.5 and BTT v.45830, unfortunately the issue has not resolved.

I found some evidence that my BTT installation might be corrupted. If I disable any trigger in BTT, even a completely unrelated one, the second menu that is triggered on hover stops working completely until I restart BTT.

What would be the next steps in debugging this?

Maybe send you whole setup to me. To do that, go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to andreas@folivora.ai

I have sent the diagnostic files. Thank you for looking into this, much appreciated!

Interestingly the second menu stopped the hiding behavior, I have no idea why. The first menu still hides immediately every time it is opened if an item was selected previously.