Floating menu: x/y position with BTT remote mobile app

Hello Andreas,

I have built a sort of "Audio Loop launcher" floating menu (for use with Ableton Live).
It is basically a single "full" screen button/image on the iPad Pro (currently acting as a second Mac display) with a screenshot (refreshed regularly) of the Mac screen (see example below).

When "clicked/touched" at a given x/y position on the iPad Pro, BTT will click the corresponding x/y position on the Mac (in Ableton Live) and play that audio loop.

It uses the "Save current mouse position" action to get the cursor/click position.
BTT variables ({saved_mouse_position} / {saved_mouse_position_x} / {saved_mouse_position_y}) are used to calculate the new position (x/y on the Mac), and the action "Restore Saved mouse position" is used to move the cursor on the Mac display and click there.

This works because the iPad Pro is currently a second display and sort of a part of the Mac when it comes to moving the cursor, etc.

However, my menu will need to run as part of the new BTT Remote Mobile app to enable touch functionality.

As we know a second display (iPad) can be placed left/right/above/below the main screen in the Mac settings, and the BTT x/y variables can have negative values depending on "where" that second screen is defined in Mac settings.

What will the situation be once a floating menu is running on the upcoming and new BTT Remote Mobile app?

Will the above "Audio Loop launcher" floating menu functionality be possible at all with the BTT Remote Mobile app?

I am struggling to understand how the x/y coordinates will work once the BTT app displays the floating menu.

Do we have to define that the BTT app is left/right/above or below the main screen as well?

Any news/hints/insides from your lab would be great.


I can probably add some action that translates the click position on the ipad to the click position in a real window. However you'd then need to assign that action to the various items.

Something like "translate remote app tap to click in specific window"

Hallo Andreas,

Thanks for considering that !

maybe a simpler action and analog to the existing "Save current mouse position"
would be fine as well like:

"Save remote app tap position"

and some BTT variables like:
{saved_remote_app_ tap_position}
{saved_remote_app_ tap_position_x}
{saved_remote_app_ tap_position_y}