floating menu/widget opacity adjustment

is there a way to adjust the opacity/transparency of the whole floating widget, including the content (not just background). i.e. i'd like to have a webview that is always on top but say 30% transparent so i can see the windows underneath.

p.s. i'd also like to be able to have the background completely disappear: even with clear background the window is opaque

There is no overall setting, you need to configure the opacity for your web view item and for the menu separately using the background color property:

thank you so much for the lightning fast reply. i'm trying to get the content transparent too, e.g. the black background here from the apple site should be see through.

to achieve this you need to inject some javascript that modifies the page. This should work:

document.body.setAttribute("style","opacity: 0.5; background-color: rgba(0, 0 , 0, 0.5);");

brilliant, thanks. i guess it will have to be done on a case by case basis but i understand the concept and will be very useful in general.

please consider adding the option to control the transparency of the whole window . here is my specific use case. video rotoscoping. imagine loading a video and playing it frame by frame in the floating window while tracing the outlines underneath in a drawing app.

hmm, strange, my window looks different from yours

you need to turn off the "blurred background" checkbox for the floating menu.

I'll add a menu level opacity setting soon!

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awesome, just got a lifetime license. thanks again for your patience and help.

please consider the option to also lock the window for interactions along with the level opacity so that it can be used just as an art overlay

that is already possibe:

And I also just remembered I had implemented a menu level opacity but not made it available in the UI yet. You can copy your menu to a text editor, search for BTTMenuFrameWidth and add two new properties after that:

       "BTTMenuOpacityActive" : 0.4,
      "BTTMenuOpacityInactive" : 0.4,

then copy it again and paste it in BTT, you'll get menu level opacity. (Might require a BTT restart)

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4.539 now makes these available in the UI (uploading now will be available in a few minutes via check for alpha update)

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amazing, now i can tldraw over my screen

for menu items you can use the opacity slider on the background color, I don’t think there an extra opacity is useful. (Or at least only for pretty specific cases ;-))