Floating menu slider not updating position + always shows value as text

When configuring slider widgets in floating menus, I'm having two issues

  1. The slider initial value is being returned as expected, but is only being used as the text for the widget, and not to set the correct slider position. Below is a screenshot of my slider script, and the way it returns in the widget.

    **Note that timeDuration is divided by 1000 in this script because Spotify is dumb and returns that value in milliseconds, but returns timeElapsed in seconds - it's not relevant to the issue, but I wanted to clarify its purpose lol

  2. I can't disable text as part of the widget, I don't want to see the slider position value, as it will correspond with the timestamps on either side of it (separate buttons) and the slider value is irrelevant to me in this case.

I am running macOS Sonoma 14.0, and BTT 4.272

Thanks for reporting, the next version will fix various issues related to the slider!

4.294 changes various parts of the slider behavior. See Item Types · GitBook for a example