Floating menu; resize image blurry

Hallo all,
I have a small issue which I fail to understand.
Maybe someone can give me a hint what is going on...

Below is a "full screen" floating menu (experimental), one large button (1490x920) with a 1490x920 image which is quite blurry in the menu.

I use "resize to fixed width/height" (1490x620) as other icon settings display a very small image.

Image in Menu - with blur

Original image:


On a retina screen the image needs to be double the display size to be rendered sharply

So in your case you'd need to provide the source image in 2980x1240

Yes ok, found a way...(in short load the image not as icon but as background...)

load image as icon
I have 2980 × 1840 image (small typo resize above it was 920 / not 620) and a resize to 1490x920 will blur it

Tried larger image 2x (5960 × 3680) - same blur result...

Tried different a resize to 745x460 even that looks quite bad...

load image as background
If I load the image as background - it works (even with different image sizes - no blur), but only with the "Load from File Path" option.
The "Image save to BTT preset folder" option will get the blur as well...

ende gut alles gut...

ah that‘s interesting, them something is going wrong with the resize. I’ll have a look!


Some background:
I want to use this strange approach to display one “full” screen button/image with the new BTT remote mobile app on my iPadPro.

And when touched at a given x/y position on the iPadPro i want to move the mouse to the “corresponding” x/y position on the Mac (after some calculation/mapping to get the x/y Mac position) and click there,,,

I will make sure that the Mac and the iPadPro show the “same” screen/image,
For example the Ableton Live Mixer view (on Mac) and a screenshot/image of that same view on the iPadPro. Maybe even a real time screenshot from the Mac at that very moment can be used in the menu button on the iPadPro.

So that i will get a kind of virtual click pad on iPadPro to use with a Mac app…