Floating menu - not working anymore with 4.472

did something changed in 4.472 related to the Floating menus ?
Somehow is my menu not showing anymore, while it did work fine in the previous alpha.

Any hints, what could be the issue?

Not intentionally at least. Should I try with the menu you sent a while ago? (You can also send an updated version to be, then I can have a look at that)

Thx, sending it to your email...

I noticed that somehow the menu preview image is not available anymore (after pressing the refresh button), it might be somehow related...

Yes, that is probably related. It means there is an error while trying to render the menu. Could e.g. be some property combination that is not expected.
I'll not be able to look into it right away, I'll update you later today when I checked the preset!

Thanks for reporting!

(if you want you can downgrade to the previous version via Index of /releases )

Thx, downgraded to 4.471 works again...top.


I noticed that disabled menu items (⌘+D) are shown in the preview icon of the menu. Should those not be ignored in the preview ?
Preview image zoomed in:

here the menu (my template) when opened (without disabled items):