Floating Menu not showing at mouse position

Hi, I'm using BTT ver. 4.375 and the floating menu fails to open at mouse position upon modifier-based activation despite setting it to do so in the "Position On Screen" setting in the Floating Menu Configuration.

Here's a quick screen recording showing the issue:

You can see that I have set holding the CTRL + OPT + CMD keys to activate the floating menu at mouse position, and yet when I hold those keys down, the floating menu doesn't open at the mouse position.

Help would be appreciated and I'm happy to provide more info as needed! Thanks in advance.

you need to install a newer version to make this work

Thank you so much for your reply! I have BTT through Setapp and for some reason I had to uninstall and reinstall BTT in order to get to the most updated version (usually Setapp automatically updates my apps). Not sure if that's a bug on Setapp's end or BTT's end, or both.

I'm now on the latest version and it's working properly now. This floating menu feature is absolutely fantastic!

ah interesting, sounds like a Setapp bug as BTT does not have influence on their update process. I'll check with them!