Floating menu not available?

Hey there!
I tried to get familiar with floating menus, but couldn't find the topic in the drop down menu?
Why does it not appear?

they are only available on macOS 13 or higher due to required improvements in Apple’s SwiftUi.

Okay, thank you!
That's sad :frowning:

Yep, unfortunately all the SwiftUI stuff only works on newer macOS systems, which is why supporting the old ones (or at least adding features), becomes more and more problematic.

If you can't upgrade due to unsupported hardware, maybe OpenCore Legacy Patcher can help!

Im a newbie, so I don't know what SwiftUI means, but sounds logical.
Thank you for the link! I did not know that this existed, but I guess it would cause a feeling of discomfort..
So I have to live without floating menus.