Floating Menu: need to always restart BTT?

Is it really necessary to restart BTT always after I changed sth in the Floating Menus to activate/ to test them? :frowning:

Hi Andreas,

still wondering if this is necessary or if I can skip this. I saw the other post too, but not sure if we address the same. :slight_smile:

have you already updated to the latest alpha? (best always include your current version in the posts as things are currently changing quickly)

Was on 4501. Will update now to 4504. :slight_smile:

Does this mean, it's now unnecessary?

Will add the current version now!

Hallo all,

no BTT restart needed (4.504) over here, a ⌘+S will make changes available.

what confused me is that I "never" used ⌘+S in BTT before and changes were made available without it. Since recently that kind of "autosave/refresh" is not available anymore.

anyway it works...


that depends, not all fields (can) trigger an auto-save (if you see the save buttons on top of the config, you need to save or switch to a different trigger to save, if you don't see the buttons an auto-save has happened).

For example changing the background of an item should definitely trigger an auto-save. Changing the spacing of an item might not. Switching to a different item always saves the previous one.

@Max_Megalon as a beginner in BTT this confuses me too.

There appears the save button, but I soon realized, that I do not have to push it. But then the left column in any trigger area isn't updated properly, so I might think I have to hit the save button? No, it doesn't do anything, instead I go to the right column and click randomly between submenus up and forth and suddenly left side is updating the test field.
Same with "updating floating menu" = as for 2-3h on the row configuring my BTT I switch back and forth and of course I try to find a "hidden rule", cause it is uncomfortable to restart BTT always after tiny changes, bring back the BTT window, if my macOS is on StageManager I must readjust windows, just to turn the background color into green and everything repeats again. puh :sweat_smile:
As a newbie in "learning mode" this feels inconsistent to me and I am not yet able to figure out, if I am just too dumb or the software is meant to be as it is. :slight_smile:

("right" column/ "left" column = I am not yet familiar with the english words for these menu areas, apologize!)

Restarting should never be needed, that was a bug in 4.50x for menus with more than 15 items :slight_smile: If you still find situations where you need to restart, please report!

But yes, the floating menu stuff is still in its infancy and once the BTT Remote app is released I'll focus on making everything there more streamlined! The code to making these menus work is pretty complex and so is the configuration, but once everything is running it will be easier for me to simplify things (step by step).

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We are back in business, all works again.

With the bug in 4.50x I had following siutuation:

Made changes in the UI (example added the text "Test" to a blank button, etc...)
e.g. all was saved / autosaved etc in the UI properly - no issue ...

then, when switching over to show/open/test the menu
there were no changes (due to the bug...)
like so;..

so I though restart BTT might help and it did...
All not needed anymore..