Floating menu - left click loop

Hallo all,
someone might be able to have some ideas how to fix the issue below:

I have a Floating menu which is defined for my app Ableton Live.
One of the button should action a "Left Mouse click", followed by a ⌥- , see screen.
Pretty easy...

But what happens now when I click on the button:
Ableton Live receives the left click and ⌥- etc
and it loops !?

Is there a way to "stop" that the Floating menu button receiving the "Left Mouse click" action which is meant only for Ableton Live ?


I think I don't understand what you want to achieve. Where should the leftclick go? You haven't specified a position, this means it will click where the mouse cursor is. And if you used the mouse to trigger the menu item, the mouse cursor would be over the menu item - clicking it again, triggering it again :infinity:.

You are right this way it can not work…

I want to do similar as with a (BTT) StreamDeck button, when that is pressed/clicked’ (not by mouse of cause) it sends a left click to Ableton…

But that will also mean a save mouse position for example will save the position of the mouse on the floating menu…?

What would be the situation with the BTT remote 2 app ? when I click there on the iPad (by touch), would it send a left click to the BTT remote 2 app or to Ableton ?

Any hints are welcome…

it will always send the leftclick to where your mouse cursor is (or where you move it to via action). In case of BTT Remote, you can have the mouse cursor wherever you want, e.g. hovering Ableton. In that case it would click on ableton.

Currently, if you want to left click a specific position in ableton, maybe use the “move mouse to position” or the “find image on screen & move mouse” action before the leftclick action

yes, some functions can be done with a “find image on screen & move mouse” etc.
for those others I wait for the BTT remote to see how that can be done.