Floating menu: item border hover color

Hallo all,

I have splitted an image into 4 parts and used those images for 4 buttons in a floating menu. All padding/space/item border etc. are "0" so that those 4 appear as one image in the menu... works fine !

When hovering over a button I want to have a "hover border" like so:


At the moment I set the

  • item/button border size to "1"
  • normal border color = transparent
  • hover color = white

there will be a "gap" and the menu background becomes visible (set to a color to illustrate the gap / issue).

This makes sense as the border/frame appear to be 'around' the image.
image=150px + border=1px makes a total width=152px

Is there a way to avoid this gap ?
like so: image=150px + border=1px makes a total width=150px (no gap)


unfortunately I don't think that is possible right now. Right now your only option would be to set a different image on hover that includes the border.

Maybe I can add a "inner border" option, but I'm not sure whether this is really needed :smiley:

oh yes, that would be even better !
With that I can use a black/white (...or so) image for hovering.

that you can already do using the "Update Menu Item Properties" (on Hover Start) and "Reset Item Properties" (on Hover End) actions

Yes, done that! Works fine !