Floating menu - formatting changed ?

did the button formatting changed in 4.519/20 ?
Most of my buttons do not render properly anymore, background images are blank and text is all over the place...

Text alinement before:


Background image not displayed:


I don’t think there has been a change to rendering, but I’ll check with your menu later today! (maybe some part of the parsing fails, I'd recommend downgrading for now)

Thanks a lot!

Would be great if you could try with 4.522 alpha!

I think the issue was related to how image files are saved now (they are now all located in ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/PresetBundles ) which should reduce memory usage a lot because they don't need to be kept in memory twice

here we go...

the text items are now alined 'centered' again...

when first opened the properties it shows this
(noticed that it shows "clear background..." while the image shows at the top...in the menu it stays blank...


I changed to "load from Path" - works...(I did not select an image...)

I changed it back to 'Static image embedded"... my "preference" and it did not work...(in the menu button it is blank). and after restart BTT it is back to a "clear background..." type.

Question: what will be the situation when I copy the preset across to my other Mac (which does not have those images (which loaded from path) available. Do I have to copy them manually ? I guess, that will not work ?

"BTTMenuItemBackgroundImagePath" : "\/Users\/HERE_IS_MY_USER_ID\/Library\/Application Support\/BetterTouchTool\/PresetBundles\/0391BECB-DBD6-4398-B542-E23597AD3730Floating\/587D2E65-9447-4A0F-B4E1-C0496719A6F2-BTTMenuItemBackgroundImageData.png",


I noticed some strange issue, which was not there "before"...

The menu is opened with F1 and after that the "play" button is updated...
(to a play/stop state)
like so:

You see first is the menu opened and then the button gets an update (approx 0.8 sec later).

but in the video you can see that first the Play button is shown (why ? due to the button update) and then the main menu shows up.
That is not so nice... and I can not figure out why that happens, Any idea what is going on?

should the button be invisible before the update? which properties are you changing in the update?

Exporting the presets with images referenced from the preset folder will include them in the export. (it should however not be necessary to select that manually, I‘ll look into that later)

No, the button is visible at all times...(Please note: there are other buttons (Loop/Browser/Device) which receive updates in the same way, but are not shown in the video...

text, icon and icon color are changed...


I'm not yet sure what causes the button appear issue. I noticed you are using the blocking delay actions instead of the async ones. This can lead to weird issues when UI updates are involved as they basically block the BTT rendering thread.

Could you check whether using async delays helps in your case?

Top, the async delays fixed it !