Floating menu - changes only after BTT restart visible

Hallo Andreas,

I have 'suddenly' (as of 4.501 / 4.502) two problems which might be related...

Changes made in the UI for Floating menu buttons etc. are only visible after a BTT restart.

and one of my users vars disappears when pressing a menu button...

The below screen shows the action for a menu button.
Note: play-2 is set = 'on' before the menu opens.

when pressing the button the first time (IF part will run) it is still there (HUD shows it)
but after that the variable play-2 is gone. (I checked in BTT)

and when the ELSE part is running (as the var does not exist anymore) the variable play-2 is not set/created again !?!

What is even more strange that the other variable "search" (see screen) is set properly in the IF and ELSE part.

What could caused that ?


I think I know what causes 1. I'll have a look! (on the bright side, BTT should feel more responsive :smiley: )

Could you check the variable state in the settings? There hasn't been a change to variables in the recent versions as far as I can tell. I'll try to reproduce this

Thanks again,

here some screens
(I have always refreshed vars before the shot...)

after menu opened
Note: should the menu_identifier not be set already as the menu is already visible
I will be happen later ...(see 3rd screen)

button was pressed
both vars are change (ok)
menu_identifier is not available ? yet...

button was pressed a second time
"Play-2" is gone
"search" was changed (ok)
menu_identifier is available

strange...its gone.


Is the variable change maybe once configured with "persist" and once without?

Not that I am aware of,
the variable change is done via the action,

maybe it is the "persist" for the menu item, as that is run (via Named trigger) when a button is pressed ?

Mh no that should not be it.

Would you be able to share a recent version of your preset? :slight_smile: Then I can check what's going wrong.

Sure, will send it a bit later to your email...

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Hallo Andreas,
I "got it working" it again, replaced the second "Set Variable" action...
a quite annoying bug.