Floating HTML menu doesn't work right anymore

I updated just now to the latest version and noticed, that the Floating HTML menu doesn't work how it should. Before the update whenever I choose something, the menu disappears but now it is still there, and you are not able to klick anything.

I guess it is a bug. So can you please fix it?

Can you post the code for your floating html menu? It still seems to work fine here. Basically if you want to close the menu after initiating an action you need to append &closeFloatingHTMLMenu=1 e.g. btt://trigger_named/?trigger_name=dummy&closeFloatingHTMLMenu=1

However I think this has always been like this, but maybe I'm missing a specific use case.

I can do this. Do you need just the HTML or also the CSS?
But I didn't have this issue with the previous version.

Here is the HTML file:
contextmenu-dark grey.html.zip (2.0 KB)

ah I think this is some special case because you used all the actions to launch an app or switch to a different window. Previous versions of BTT would (wrongly) recognize this as "click outside" and therefore close the webview. This had to change to make the floating web view much more powerful in other situations.

However adding &closeFloatingHTMLMenu=1 to your links in the HTML will fix this.

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Ah, thank you very much. This solved the problem.

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