Fixing the butterfly keyboard

Do you know the issue of double-pressed keys?

There are countless descriptions of butterfly keyboards writing a letter twice, even if they got hit only once. This issue was so big, apple even put up a repair program. Since i had this problem three times already (also newer devices (macbook air retina)) i thought about a software solution. It appears that there is a pretty easy one called unshaky (explanation: I would love to see it beeing adapted in BTT!

What do you think about it, do you have similar problems?

I think that's just a bug in macOS if the repeat and delay is both set to the fastest settings:

Thanks for the quick answer! Sadly my settings are quick / medium, i think this is a general hardware probleme since the butterfly keyboard is built, otherwise apple would not provide a repair program (

Also a lot of people report this issue

Then you should really get this fixed by Apple. Fixing this with software is a bad solution. It causes constant CPU usage and only works-around a hardware problem Apple should be forced to fix.

An improved keyboard mechanism would be the best solution i guess. Thankyou again :slight_smile:

In the meantime, there is a tool called Unshaky that fixes the problem apparently quite well (I do not have any trouble, so I can just tell you what I read).
Here a video explaining how to install it.

here is the article I read about it. It's in French, but if you do not speak it there are many tools to translate a webpage for you :wink:
Hope you'll get rid of your keyboard problems!

Would love to see this solution at Bettertouchtool too!