Fixed Touchbar Button Dimensions


Hey Andreas,

So I am constantly struggling with keeping buttons the at same desired size, as they vary depending on the word / icon that's inside (words obviously are particularly tricky).

If would be great if we could select buttons to either:

- Auto-fit content; or
- Maintain a fixed dimension.

Thank you!



+1 for this !

In fact, I think an "Automatic fixed-width" setting would be awesome.

I have this group, with buttons on the right constantly moving because of updating every N seconds :

The "Automatic fixed-width" setting I'm thinking of, would store the max-width the button has got, and will never have a width < to the stored max-width.
Example :

  • My CPU is now to 7.98%, let's say it has a width of 50px. Store 50px in max-width
  • My CPU is going to 90.20%, width is now 60px. Store 60px in max-width (as it is bigger than previous max-width)
  • My CPU is going back to 7.98%, it should take 50px but as max-width is 60px, set its width to 60px.

With this implementation, after a few iterations for each button, the max-width will be well guessed, and buttons will not keep moving anymore.

@Andreas_Hegenberg Do you think this would be doable ?