[Fixed in 2.760] GoldenChaos 2.754 and iTunes cannot close

Hi all. Updated to the newest version of GoldenChaos-BTT, and now iTunes is always running. I close it, and it automatically reopens. I close BTT, and then I am able to close iTunes. I personally use Spotify, and not iTunes. I'd rather not have it running. I was running the previous latest beta before 2.754 and did not have this issue. Does anyone have any thoughts? I can't find the download link for the previous beta before 2.754 and I'd rather use that one until this bug is fixed. Any thoughts, @GoldenChaos?

I think I've found the source of this bug - the new "add to iTunes" script. I'll have a new experimental version out with a fix shortly!

Also, download links for previous versions are at the bottom of the first post of the release thread :slight_smile:

EDIT: Fixed the script but that didn't fix the issue. Now I'm confused. Time to do more digging. Maybe my fix didn't fix it somehow...

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thanks so much for looking into this!

Having these issues too,

For spotify, VLC and iTunes

Everything checks if they are open before they start too... Confused as well

Same situation. Looking forward to a fix.

I just finished my refactor of the media controls, and I still haven't found the source of the issue. I'm pretty much going to start turning widgets off until the issue goes away and go from there.

Sorry this fix has taken so long!

EDIT: Found it. The Add to Library/Download Song button accidentally had "Always run when widget becomes visible" checked, which is what was launching iTunes. New experimental version going out in just a few with the fix implemented.

EDIT2: Uh, never mind. It worked for a second, but now iTunes is still launching. But it's definitely the download/add to library script. Grr.


Uploading new version now.

How did you fix this?

Wrapped the inner portion of the script in a try statement :slight_smile: full code here: Add to library (and download) button for iTunes

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