Finder - Open file in given programme

Hey guys,

I'm working with Sublime Text on my mac. I would like to add a button to the touchbar when the Finder app is open. On a button click the selected file should be opened with Sublime.

Is there a way to open a selected file with a given programme?

Otherwise there is a terminal command to open a file in Sublime:
"subl {FILEPATH}".

I wrote a service to copy a file's path to clipboard in Finder and assigned a shortcut. So I can copy the filepath with BTT. But I dont know how to tell BTT to execute the subl command with the copied path.

Can anybody help?
Thanks in advance!

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The trigger you are looking fore use "trigger context menu item" :wink:

Ah thats nice! The trigger is using the current mouse position but I guess I just have to get used to it, instead of selecting a file. thank you!

the even better trigger is "open selected file with specific application " :slight_smile:

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oh my god, i must have been so blind...thank you very much, Andreas! Working like a charm!

Is it relevant now? I only see "Open active/selected folder with specific application". No files selected

The action is called "Open Current Finder Selection with Specific App"