Find Image on Screen performance

I was hoping to use the "Find Image On Screen & Move Mouse" feature, but it seems to be extremely slow (as in it can take 20 seconds to run) and often seems to just not work at all (or maybe I'm not waiting long enough).

Is there any chance of improving this feature? In particular, I would love to be able to search for a series of red dots under a spelling error in a text field, and move the mouse to that location (followed by a right click to show the correction list).

I tested the latest stable and alpha versions, with the same result, and I'm running Mac OS Big Sur on an older 27" iMac.

have the same issue, it stopped working after upgrading to monterey

Have you tried increasing the treshold a bit? The higher the treshold (and the smaller the picture you are searching for) the faster it will be, but at some point compression artifacts etc. make it impossible for BTT to find the correct spot. So this is a bit trial & error at the moment.

it was actually working perfectly b4 monterey, also for some reason BTT doesnt save the image treshold when the preset is exported/imported