Final Cut Pro X Touch Bar Preset

This is my personal preset for Final Cut Pro X :grin:

FCPX Preset.bttpreset (440.9 KB)

List of buttons :

  • escape
  • Tools group (only select, blade, trim and range selection)
  • Library
  • Photo and audio
  • Titles and generators
  • Find in library
  • Blank space
  • Compound clip
  • Modify speed
  • Suspend
  • Auto color correction
  • Match color
  • Separate audio
  • Add standard title
  • Add marker
  • Video inspector
  • Color inspector
  • Share

Thank you. Very nice from you.

Looks great! Thanks!

Is it possible to modify these controls? Such as effects tab, dedicate multi screen control for dual screen set up, an import button?

it's possible, you just need to attribute the shortcut you want to your button.

example : shortcut for import button is command+i

I've made a new one for a long time, I'll share with you, it's most part in French because I'm French.

Capture d’écran Touch Bar 2020-05-18 à 11.22.16|690x19

FCPX.bttpreset (1.6 MB)

I'm lazy to describe everything, you'll find out for yourself.

Thank you!!