Feature suggestion: Use transformation prefix for Transform & Replace Selection With JavaScript to allow using same shortcut


BTT comes with this great behavior of displaying a palette/menu when multiple actions are assigned the same shortcuts. This is absolutely great allowing some sort of two level action trigger.

Encouraged by this behavior, I thought of exposing a series of Javascript transformers using the same shortcut. Right now though, all "Transform & Replace Selection With JavaScript" are displayed with this exact label making it impossible to differentiate.

The feature suggestion is that when showing the palette/context menu for "Transform & Replace Selection With JavaScript", use as a prefix the "Transformer name". That would allow for differentiating between the different transformations.

with gratitude for the app and considering this feature,

better use the predefined action „show custom context menu (new)“, which is fully customizable :slight_smile:

That's a cool action! I'm putting it to work right now.

thank you