Feature Request: Alt-Tabbing alterative (Windows Alt Tabbing)

Hi there,
Been a MacOS user for a minute and.as most users do (or i feel at least), I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to Apple's selection of features. long story short, I hate their alt-tab feature as it only allows you to tab between apps while Windows' offers tabbing between different windows which is much better imo.

Straight to the point: Are you able to implement this kind of alt-tabbing? I've been using MacOS apps like Alt-Tab which is nice but I feel like this could be something that can be simplified as a feature and not a full fledged app (meaning I'd like to have less apps on my computer haha).

Let me know your thoughts on this, if its possible, and how long it would take to implement if you guys did. Already bought the license and havent had any compliants about your software at all. You guys are awesome as always.

BetterTouchTool's "show window switcher" action is kind of an alt tab replacement. If you need more options I'd recommend using the alt tab app.