Feature request: Advanced conditions + Status Variable

I'm using BTT 4.272.

There is one advanced condition for floating menus: "hovered_floating_menu_identifier". It works perfect.

I miss the advanced condition "showed_floating_menu_identifier" that will differentiate when the floating menu is opened or closed.

Also it should be useful a condition for differentiate when simulated hovered menu is showed/not showed.

In addition, it would be very useful to have a "Status Variable Name" field in the "General" tab (maybe in Other /Z-index/Title Bar/Style) of the top level of the floating menu.

User would enter a name for this status variable, and the values would be defined by BTT.

Values could be something like this:

0=floating menu is hidden
1=floating menu is showed and simulated hovered menu is showed
2=floating menu is showed and simulated hovered menu is not showed


Good idea.

There is already the visible_floating_menu_identifiers variable, which should help for now!

I don't find it in the advanced conditions nor Preferences>ScriptingBTT.

Ah it's currently only available in conditional activation groups (and every conditional activation group variable can also be queried using get_string_variable)

I'll add it to the advanced trigger conditions as well!

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Thanks a lot !!!