feature like dropover app

I use the dropover app, it makes work very easy. if BTT makes the same thing, of course with improvements such as open with app, mail, etc.

You can simulate this behavior by using the "Show Clipboard/Pasteboard History" function when you pin the window. I've been using Yoink for quite some time and have been looking for an alternative in BTT. However, here's my problem: when I select and copy multiple files, only one shows up in the BTT Clipboard. Yoink, on the other hand, gives me an entry for each individual file, which is exactly what I need. Otherwise, I could work with the BTT Clipboard myself.


Good point, I'll add an option to split up files into separate entries in the clipboard manager.

You can also drop files onto the BTT menubar icon, they will become available in BTT's clipboard manager as well then.

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Added an option for this to the latest alpha - for now disabled by default (last checkbox):


That was fast. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks.