Faster Row & Column Naming for StreamDeck

Setting a fixed column and row on Streamdeck is quite labour intensive

  • click check box
  • add column, switch to row
  • add row
  • save
  • move to next button

But I'm starting to think it's necessary in order to build up muscle memory (rather than constantly looking at the StreamDeck)

I don't know how idiosyncratic this idea is – what if when selecting multiple buttons and assigning a row, the columns were automatically assigned from 1-8 rather than all being set to 0.

There are probably better ideas, sorry

I am convinced that the BTT stream deck feature has many advantages over the Elgato software. However, when it comes to placing buttons, I often glance enviously at it because the drag and drop approach simply cannot be beaten. I would wish that BTT could implement this feature. I'm a complete programming noob, but maybe the emulator could make it happen?