Fast space switching like BetterMouse (no SIP disable needed)

I recently came across BetterMouse which offers "Unique fast version of spaces switching, mission control gestures." I was under the impression the only way to speed up this animation was to use a program like yabai to disable animations, which requires disabling SIP. But I downloaded BetterMouse and lo and behold it does work, no SIP disabling required, and space switching is extremely fast using it's version of 3 finger swipe gestures.

Is it possible to duplicate this functionality in BetterTouchTool? This would be a game changer for me.

Edit: It seems like someone else has realized this is possible without disabling SIP as well, and there is another implementation floating around (though it seems to work somewhat differently IMO): Disabling Space Switch Animations seems to be possible now without disabling SIP - M1 Macbook