Fan is going super loud when BTT touchbar is being used

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg
My fan on my laptop is going super loud when the BTT touchbar is being used. I'm using AQT.


This is usually caused by continuously running Apple or Shell scripts, thus trying to reduce the use of such in your used preset might help.

You can post a process sample taken via Activity Monitor, this might tell where it is spending most CPU time.

I don't know how to understand the Activity Monitor. Can you lead me through what to do please?


  1. Open Activity Monitor.
  2. Switch to CPU tab.
  3. Sort by CPU % descending.
  4. Consider what’s at the top.

The health warning is not to try to kill things like kernel_task.

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@Andreas_Hegenberg, just to be clear, did u want me to post a pic of it? (

if so, here we are.

Well, Sam, you might’ve tried to obscure your userid/name. :slight_smile:

Seriously, that display shows the CPU is at a perfectly healthy low utilisation. I can’t say if 10% for BetterTouchTool is high or not. It’s not threatening, though.

I would guess the SMC reset route is indicated. But I’ll leave that to others.

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haha, thanks very much!

With process sample I mean this:

(select the BetterTouchTool process, then click Sample Process)

what do I do once ive done that? I tried copy and pasting it into here, but I reached the limit of words...

you can attach it as a file or send it to :slight_smile:

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emailed it to you as I couldn't upload it here bc of the file type (.txt)