External Display Brightness Control

Hello Andreas,
I was wondering if there was a possibility to add External Display Brightness Controls so that it works with monitors that don't have a brightness slider in the system preferences? The app store has an app called "Brightness Slider" that kind of dims the external displays but it doesn't work perfectly, the app isn't updated regularly, and it seems kind of sketchy. Let me know if this is possible. Thank you so much for Better Touch Tools. Absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone!

The default brightness slider in BTT will control external display brightness if you hold ctrl while moving it. Does that help?

Hello Andreas,
Thanks for responding back so quickly! Really incredible service.

This doesn't work for me. I'm looking to utilize the feature you have for the external display brightness.


The problem is my monitor cannot be controlled with the slider in the system preferences or with what I've tried in BTT right now. I have to physically press the buttons on the monitor. I would love someway to dim and brighten all displays including my mac and monitor with my f1 an f2. Right now they are just working for my main mac display instead of my monitor.

If you checkout "Brightness Slider" in the mac app store you can kind of see what I mean there but it's clunky and doesn't work too well. Didn't know if you could make this work.